January 12, 2011

VIB - very important blog No. 2

Social media in general and blogging in peticular are about sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and reaching out. So I will share a blog every Thursday that I love to read. Some are popular with a lot of readers, you may know it already, some just started, some are for a special audience, but all of them are great! So go and check it out.

I'd like you to meet

Here is the link

What's it about?

Her journey through adulthood, some pretty stuff and some pop culture thrown in there.

No, really. What's it about?

A young woman who designs beautiful invitations, blogs about pretty stuff (great style!) and don't miss the Monday music she posts. I loved every song so far.

Who is blogging?

Her name is Brooke. Go over there and say "Hi". I'm sure she loves it.

Why do I love it and hope you will too?

Brooke had an amazing wedding (no seriously! Her invitations were, I just said it, amazing!). I loved reading about it. So it was clear I would follow her new blog. I really love all the paper she designs for various events, like her birthday. She also has a list of 101 things she wants to do in 1001 days. I'm not successful with my list. I like blogs that are personal and not only filled with links. She talked about her husband being unemployed (he is not anymore!) and how they deal with it. Her blog is a great mix of nice things, good music suggestions and some diy.

Where can I find the blog?

Right this way: Claremont Road

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Paul & Paula said...

this reminds me to post about a great blog again!
Thanks. I will go and see this blog now