January 5, 2011

VIB - very important blog No. 1

Social media in general and blogging in peticular are about sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and reaching out. So I will share a blog every Thursday that I love to read. Some are popular with a lot of readers, you may know it already, some just started, some are for a special audience, but all of them are great! So go and check it out.

Let me introduce you to

What's it about?
Weddings, fashion, photography, style and shopping.

No, really. What's it about?
A young woman with a great heart facing the world with her dissabilites, on her way to find Mister Right, showing a lot of great inspirations along the way.

Who is blogging?
Her name is Melissa. Go over and tap her on her shoulder to say hello.

Why do I love it and hope you will too?
Even though this blog has many followers it is very new to me. I found it right before the new year. I read through every. single. post! I love her letters to her future husband. They give a look how she faces problems, how she dreams and what she is all about. Her posts are so well written. I love the way she writes. I love the way she uses language. Some of her posts are funny, some of them are so true it hurts.
I bookmarked quite a lot of links for my imaginary shopping list, too.

Where can I find the blog?
Go right here to So about what I said...

Do you know Melissas blog already?
Which blog is your VIB (very important blog)? Tell me about it.

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I'm with Leia said...

What a lovely blog :) Thanks for the link Yvonne - have a nice day!