January 17, 2011


This past weekend I bought some vintage tea cups I want to use as jewelry holder, like Martha did

Now I need some nice jewelry to put in the cups.
The Danish company Pilgrim would be a great choice, don't you think? The store locater on the website shows you where to shop in Europe and in the US.


Paul & Paula said...

Pilgrim, yes nice... long time I have not checked out their collection!
I recommend browsing etsy :)
lots of beautiful things
happy week dear!

Yvonne said...

@Paul&Paula: You are right. I spend a ton of time on etsy. But sometimes with all the shipping costs it gets quite expensive. And I haven't been going to stores in quite some time because I order so much online. Got to change that :)

Life of Style said...

what a beautiful idea for the teacups.we did a homemade christmas and I made candles out of vintage teacups and everyone loved them... of course via martha stewart.