January 24, 2011

Flipping through magazines

One of my favorite things to do was and still is to sit on my sofa, making myself comfortable and flipping through magazines. I rip out pages and put them into a box. I have tried in vain to remember all the beautiful things I see, but I usually forget them and then flip through magazines trying to find that special article.

I used to go to the main station here in Hamburg, Germany, because there I could buy all the international magazines. Of course they are quite expensive.

Enter Issuu.com. Oh, how many hours I have spend on this side already.

It's a heaven filled with online publications. Thousands of magazines. Many issues.
Publications can be searched and are devided into many categories like creative, hobby, auto, travel and even bizzare.

I love this magazine: Canada's style at home

You can flip through the pages. And when you have a account at Issuu, you can bookmark the whole magazine or just pages that you love.
I have a small screen, but this is how it looks, when you open the pages.

You can find magazines that are hard to get because there a locally.
Here is EAT. A magazine that celebrates food of the Vancouver Island.

How about Vegas player? And yes, I looked at this magazine because of the great photo of Mark Wahlberg.

Check out the St. Louis Homes

There are also many look books and catalogues to look at.
Here is River Island

You can also upload a magazine of your own. One gorgeous example is 2 by fryd created by Jeanette Lunde (Check out her blog Fryd + Design)

Enjoy! And please don't curse me when you spend hours on this web site. When you find a good magazine there, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

that´s great! :-D I love flipping through magazines, too. Very much! And even more I love collecting pages and snippets. Unfortunately I´m not very smart in putting away my things orderly. This means that I have 2 or 3 boxes with a wild mix of snippets, beautiful gift wrap paper, xyron-stickers etc... To solve this problem issuu seems to be the solution. But only at first glance: one of the irreplacable aspects of flipping through magazines is for me the experience of touching the paper, tearing the pages out of the magazines and cutting out the snippets with a real scissor in my own hands. maybe it´s because my job is just brain work that I love doing things with my hands in my private time ;-)
big hugs, friend i.