January 6, 2011

Drama in my fridge

You see, there has been some tension in my fridge for some time now. The carrots had some issues with the onions, especially with the red ones. I had to remove the onions. And the fridge door was a war zone too. The whole milk made fun of the soy milk. Milk descrimination at its finest. It wasn't pretty.

But all of that is nothing compared what happened in the egg crate.
This is egg boy and egg girl. Happily in love. It could be so perfect.

Not too long ago I let egg man move into the crate. He works as a bouncer. He is really arrogant and thinks he gets all the chicks.
The other eggs stayed away from him. They were scared of him and his friends, I think. Egg man has become very friendly with the eggplants. The eggs didn't have a chance against those big French guys. Rumor has it they come out of the Foreign Legion.

Of course it didn't take long until egg man made his move on egg girl. She wasn't interested. But egg boy thought she might change her mind. Egg boy has a very soft heart made out of gold, but he is a little insecure.

Then it happened! Egg man landed in hot water. Murder in my kitchen! Please excuse the brutality. Viewers discretion is advised and rated R!

The police got involved. An egg policeman was send over and they also questioned egg boy. It seems like he has an alibi.

The investigation didn't go well. There were no witnesses and as you could see for yourself, there is no hint who could have commited that murder.

On a brighter note, everything is fine again between egg boy and egg girl.

But still, I don't want a serial killer loose in my fridge. Some pieces of cheese were saying, that the little man who turns the light on and off in the fridge might have something to do with this crime.
He is also a bouncer. I mean he works when I open the door. Maybe scared to lose his job?
Strange things happen, I tell y'all, strange things.

What do you think happened?


Traveling Mama said...

This is hysterical!! I love your creativity!

Rayche Layron said...

Very nice :)))))