January 18, 2011

The colors of the Golden Globes '11

As always on the red carpet there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Ugly is a harsh word. Let's say the ladies who didn't get it quite right.
All shades of pink, beige, creme or nude are winners for me. Just not ON me!

Ever since the wonderful Michelle Williams wore a yellow dress to the Academy Awards I'm sold on yellow. Especially the dark mustard tone that Kyra Sedgwick is wearing.

Midnight blue is awesome

Ladies in red. Bold color.

I loved Anne Hatherways dress.

I wasn't a fan of Sandra Bullocks. Neither of the dress nor of the hair.

I expect Helena Bonham Carter to be dressed on the wild side. And she sure didn't dissapoint me. Somehow it suits her. I just can't imagine her any other way.

Love this dress! Eva Longoria did it right.

What can I say? Gorgeous couple! I haven't made up my mind if I like Angelina Jolies dress. It reminds me of the 80ies, doesn't it?
My mother married my step father in a dress with that exact color (city hall wedding with yellow flowers).

Speaking of couple. Not a fan of the outfits.

All images courtesy of Getty images

Which dress did you and didn't you like?

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Paul & Paula said...

OK, I am not a fan of Anne, Angelina and Heidi.
Never was.
I think Anne looks boring, always... I actually do not know what people find about her, can't understand :)
Angelina, annoying, but the dress is nice and suits her very well.
Heidi....argh... terrible dress!

Sandra Bullock looks like she has a helmet on, I saw a pic of Catherine ZJ and she looked great.
Eva is beautiful.

From your selection my fave is Kyra in the mustard dress! Just the colour of the moment....