January 14, 2011

Blogger Conferences

I cannot say it often enough: social media is all about sharing and encouraging. I met some wonderful ladies online, who I hope to meet offline too (yes, that would be you girls in the secret group, who I shared my darkest reunion secret with!).

There will be some awesome blogger conferences in the upcoming months. I wish I could take part in one, which won't happen in 2011. But I have it on my to do list in 2012. Here is a list of some.

What: Alt Design Summit 2011
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
When: January 19-22, 2011
This conference is on blogs everywhere right now. When you can make it there, you will be able to hear some great speakers and take part in workshops. This conference is on top of my list.

What: BlogHer - Life well said
Where: BlogHer'11 in San Diego, California, BlogHer Food in Atlanta, Georgia and BlogHer bet in Silicon Valley, California
When: BlogHer '11 August 5-6, BlogHer Food May 20-21 and BlogHer bet March 24-25
BlogHer is devided into different interests. With BlogHer being the main conference and bet covers the business side of blogging. Check out the webpage to find special groups that you can get involved without being at the conference, find new blogs or just talk with others.

What: SocialLuxe Lounge
Where: No place set just yet. 2010 was in New York City
When: No date set
The blogluxe awards are given away on the conference. Check out the winners from last year. Great categories.

What: lavish!
Where: Atlanta, Georgia
When: took place in December 2010, no date for 2011 set
Here you can learn about the pretty things in life: Fashion, food, design and creative arts. The name says it all. Also on my top list for the next time.

What: Design Blogger Conference
Where: Los Angeles, California
When: February 28- March 1, 2011
This conference will talk specifically about bloggers in interior design. Big names will be speakers here. Learn about making your brand a business and meet others. Sounds great!

What: Blissdom
Where: Nashville, Tennesee
When: January 26-28, 2011
A smaller conference but full of inspiration nonetheless. There is also a Blissdom in Canada.

What: ltd 365
Where: Pasadana, California
When: January, 13, 2011
This conference takes a closer look at the busines side of blogging and it takes place today. But check out the videos on the webpage.

Are there some more conferences to check out? Maybe some in Europe? Are you going to be at one of the conferences?


MrsAgatha said...

I'd love to go to a Blogger Conference, if all of them weren't in USA. Don't know anything that is in Europe but I think there are something you can join online.

Paul & Paula said...

I guess it would be very interesting but man, there are so many... .
Happy week end and you know, I completely agree about the sharing and encouraging part, unfortunately lot of people do not understand it... so I guess this would be a great starter topic on ALL conferences... !

I'm with Leia said...

I would really love to go to a blogger conference, network and learn more - but as MrsAgatha points out, they are all in the US... I do hope it'll be one here in Europe soon, would love to go :)

Yvonne said...

I hear you girls! The only other conferences I found are more for the ones who are interested in the technical side. Total bummer.