December 17, 2010

Smell like an earthworm or a tomato

There are some things I really love to smell! I have to admit I like the small of gas stations. And markers. Raise your hand if you like weird smells.

But now there is help for people like us. Enter the Library of Fragrance.
I discovered these fragrances in the bathroom of my friend. This Swiss company turned everyday objects into smells.
There are over 250 fragrances. Delicious ones like Pure Soap, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy and Honey. But also unusual ones like Tomato, Thunderstorm, Snow, Condensed Milk or Leather. And then there are the very weird ones like: Earthworm, Dirt, Salat, Lobster and Tootsie Rolls.

Some of those fragrances can and should be worn together. I'm a huge fan of honey and condensed milk. The owner of the Library of Fragrance wears Dirt and Cotton Candy together.

My friend had ordered some samples:

laundry room, ginger, ocean, licorice and snow storm

sugar cookies, condensed milk, summer rain, dirt, holy water

If you want to check out those smells for yourself. Here is where.

In the US and Europe:
Company there is called Demeter Fragrance Library.

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria:
Check out the Library of Fragrance in English and German. German speaking folks can order via the webpage.

What smell would you love to have in bottles?

1 comment :

Angelina said...

Ich glaube ich kann es schon riechen. mmh
"I belive I can smell it already. mmh"

Ich w√ľnsche einen guten Rutsch und ein frohes neues Jahr.
"Have a good new year."