December 15, 2010


I have a very soft spot for laundromats. You should know that about me. I believe in honesty right from the start.

I love that you can spend time there, read, talk or watch other people or the world go by.
In college a couple of years ago, I spend a lot of time in one. Mainly because someone kept stealing underwear out of the dorm washer. I spare you the details.

My friend I. and I celebrated my birthday last August in a laundromat. A spontanous photo shooting with curlers in my hair and some great champagner. Usually the laundromat closes at 11 p.m. We were there long past that. There were surveillance cameras and I bet some people were laughing. Here is how it looked:

The American Coin Op is a monthly magazine for coin laundry owners. They even crown the most beautiful laundromat.
There are not a lot of laundromats where I live. Most people have a washer at home, so laundromat owners got creative and turned them into bars, cafes or added some pool tables so the time goes by faster while you wainting for the spin cycle.

In the US, they are hard to find. Do you guys know some?

- Howell Street Cafe Laundrymat & Bar in Seattle, Washington (I couln't find a webpage or a photo)
- Dirty Dungarees, Columbus Ohio

In Europe:

If you have photos of a laundromat, please click the tab "add a laundromat" on top of the page. I would love to see them.