December 16, 2010

The Banff Springs Hotel

There are places in this world that I love to visit in a special season. Like New York in the summer or fall and Venice in the winter.

The Banff Springs Hotel is a place I want to visit in the winter. Spending some wonderful winter days there with a special someone must be amazing.
See for yourself

I saw a documentary about this hotel not to long ago and since then this hotel is on top of my list. The beautiful hotel is located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada with view of the Rocky Mountains. It used to be a railway hotel and was first opend in 1888 and again after a redesign in 1914.

There are over 300 rooms and numerous restaurants inside the hotel. I remember they have a German speaking chef there.

And weddings can take place there too.

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Has anybody of you guys ever been there?

This hotel has no idea that I'm alive. So trust me that this is not a paid post!


Anonymous said...

I find it a little spooky - it reminds me of the hotel in Shining (at least from the outside...)

Anonymous said...

I have always assumed there are secret passages just a candlestick pull away... it's like stepping into a Canterbury Tale

N112KC said...

I stayed twice in Banff for ski weeks and have visited the Banff Springs Hotel for Lunch. It's a beautiful place with something for everyone, especiaqlly if you are wealthy. From the restaurant you could see the golf cousre with elk grazing on it.